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As a Web Developer I know exactly how he feels!

Great Audio, Great Video and all my frustrations with IE7 come together as one in this flash video, you sir have created! You hit the bulleye man, and the annoying thing is all the large corporations of the world (Except for Apple and some other smarter corporations) still use IE7 to access there internal websites, including banks ARGHHH!!! (I know because I've worked for them as lead web development)

Great Video!

Excellent Music, really good theme, and I must very funny!

Silent comedies in the 21st Century???

This was quite wierd but, i must admit, a very funny silent movie.

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Good Start! I give you 5 stars as an incentive to finish off your other flash project along with this one!

Keep going, ignore the haters!

Really Good in everyway

Really good, great graphics and animations and excellent gameplay, it got a bit confusing after talking to the fitness receptionist and the target and secretary, but besides a well polished game, as one said similar to meet n fuck.

To the poster below me, this is an adult-orientated game, maybe you should better monitor your kids online activiities to prevent them accessing such content, I know for sure newgrounds does it best to keep adult orientated content away from under-age users, and besides this was rated A for adult and did have warnings prior to loading this game.

Doesnt Load.

I couldn't get past the loading screen it reaches 50% then stops loading, since it seems the preloader is stored here and the original game is stored on a different server, which is offline, so this game is pretty useless if it wont go play beyond the preloader, please FIX!

ValeriaCumplido responds:

Sorry, the server was down for almost an hour...
The game should now work correctly.
Thanks for playing!

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